setsuko hata



Setsuko is a singer, songwriter and piano player from Osaka Japan. She started her career as a pop singer and later developed a passion for jazz and soul music. In an effort to establish herself internationally, after graduating from Osaka City University where she acquired a Bachelors Degree in food science, she moved to New York in 2011. In 2012, she entered The City College of New York to study jazz music and graduated with her second Bachelor’s Degree in jazz vocal performance in 2015.  Right after her graduation, She started a one- year dance certificate program at Peri Dance Studio where she underwent intense dance training in ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip-hop, tap, African, and heels. Some of Setsuko’s shows uniquely incorporates dance. In December 2016, Setsuko moved to Los Angeles and enrolled in California College of Music for a one-year certificate program where she majored in the piano which she has started to learn since she was 5 years old. During the program, she strengthened to play pop, jazz, r&b piano and graduated from it in December 2017, and now she sings and accompanies herself on piano. Her ultimate purpose as an artist is creating a humanistic movement through the power of music. Based on this philosophy, Setsuko produced the shows “Sing for Peace” which aimed to instill people with hope through the power of the music at various clubs such as Tomi Jazz, Metropolitan Room, The Duplex, The Bitter End and Asian festivals in NewYork.  In addition, she organized and performed weekly charity concerts at Mount Sinai Hospital and The New York-presbyterian hospital.

Her humanistic philosophy is also applied when she teaches students piano or voice. There are 3 important principals that she always keeps in mind for teaching. The First is to bring joy to lessons so that students enjoy lessons and naturally feel motivated to practice more. The second is to cultivate students’ creativity by respecting students’ artistic expressions. Lastly, it is to help students to realize their sense of purpose on performances, which is to inspire others through their artistic expression. In order to achieve these 3 principles, she puts the priority on communicating with students and parents very well. She makes sure to grasp students’ needs and goals, and to listen to students’ opinions and thoughts. Based on these constant communications, she chooses lesson materials and modifies contents if necessary since things always change as we advance lessons. For piano, she is very good at teaching pop, r&b and jazz piano. She incorporates all the important components of learning piano such as piano technique, reading, improvising, music theory, ear training, sight reading and stage performance. She can also teach classical piano for a beginner to develop basic skills of the piano. For a voice, she is also very good at teaching pop, r&b and jazz voice. She takes a holistic approach to voice lessons by teaching the anatomy of producing voice, vocal technique, intonation, rhythm, ear training and stage performance. She can also teach students who want to learn how to sing and accompany themselves on piano, and students who want to write their own original songs, which she can coordinate as song wring lessons.

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