isaac hu



Isaac Hu is an experienced musician and music teacher. He has been performing with various churches, bands, and solo recitals for ten years. He has been teaching Beginner to Advanced levels of music for Violin, Piano, and Guitar during that time as well. Here are some things he has said for his teaching philosophy: As a musician as well as a music teacher, I strongly believe that one-on-one tutoring is the best avenue to learn music. As an instrumental tutor, I dedicate my time to ensure that lessons are catered to the unique skills and interests of each student, so that they can learn to the best of their abilities at their own pace. As a musician, I have a passion and love for music that I hope to impart to my students. With this in mind, my teaching method is objective and goal oriented, with long-term growth as the priority for students to learn. In this way, I believe anyone can learn any musical instrument with commitment, patience and, of course, practice. Isaac teaches violin , piano and guitar lessons at Hollywood Arts Academy.

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